The video presents a scene of a young mens sauna night in a Finnish summer cabin. The scene starts from the boys boastful conversation and hanging out in the yard and culminates in a fencing of two of the boys in a pier with daggers in their mouths while the rest of the guys are rooting from the bank of a river. As an epilogue there are five individual portraits of the men separated from the group standing in the darkening summer night facing the camera. The piece is installed in three pieces so that the beginning is in a separated monitor, the fencing projected on a wall or a screen and the epilogue divided into five different displays, one for each person. Friendship between men holds in sometimes even a violent physicality and a weird preferring of the illusion of indifference. However, there is always some sort of feeling of togetherness and a wordless agreement of camaraderie in an essence of the relationship.
Still images from the video.
Installationview from Kluuvi gallery of Helsinki Art Museum 2010.