Suukotan puukotan sua
The piece builds up on three scenes arranged in a gallery space. The scenes, recorded on video, present three different temporal fragments of a relationship: falling in love, drifting apart and the violent ending. Thematically, the piece deals with the uneasy counter-reaction of affection, the abuse of power structures and the denial of love. In the center of the work is a relationship between two young men. The acting of the boys in the videos is conventional, it repeats the common laws of cinematic drama. It can be said that the piece itself focuses in the ways of presentation: the drama that itself replaces the reason of action. Relationship can be seen as a culturary pre-written choreography, of which conventions no-one can deny. Violent eruption can be an attempt to break the convention or it’s pinnacle.
Installationview from Mänttä Art Festival 2008.
Installationview from Mänttä Art Festival 2008.