Arttu Merimaa
Albertinkatu 46 B 32 B
00180 Helsinki, Finland,

2013 MA, Department of Time and Space, The Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts; Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland
2002 Matriculation Exam, Länsi-Pori upper secondary school, Finland

Solo Exhibitions:
2016 SIC Space, Helsinki
2016 Pori Art Museum
2014 Finnish Museum of Photography, project space
2011 Kasarmi Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts; Helsinki
2010 Nonchalant; Kluuvi Gallery of Helsinki City Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland
2008 Poriginal Gallery of Pori Art Museum (with Eero Merimaa), Pori, Finland
2005 Give Me a Sign; Ikuinen Gallery, Tampere, Finland
2004 I Was Afraid You Wouldn’t Love Me Anymore; Gallery 3h+k, Pori, Finland

Joint Exhibitions:
2015 (0)nolla; Diego Bruno, Arttu Merimaa & Maija Timonen (curated by Miina Hujala); Emil-sali, Tampere, Finland
2008 Motion Picture Emotion; Arttu Merimaa and Miina Hujala; Huuto Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2008 Westcoastcustoms: Arttu, Eero and Henry Merimaa; Jangva Gallery, Helsinki
2006 Best of me; Katja Bohm, Arttu Merimaa, Sanni Seppä, Juhani Tuomi; Mältinranta Studio, Tampere, Finland
2006 At the other end of no. 3; Natasha Harrison, Riikka Kuoppala, Arttu Merimaa; MAA-TILA, Helsinki, Finland
2006 Three Monitors: Love; Miina Hujala, Riikka Kuoppala, Arttu Merimaa; Ikuinen Gallery, Tampere, Finland
2003 Arttu Merimaa, Ari Pelkonen, Tuuli Seppälä, Hanna Virta; Tikkula Art House, Pori, Finland

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2014 Pori Biennale; Pori, Finland
2013 Wunderkammar, Kohiseva Summer Exhibition (curated by Janne Nabb and Maria Teeri); Pukkila, Finland
2013 Rajataide Members exhibition (curated by Kimmo Modig); Gallery Rajatila, Tampere, Finland
2012 Madatac Video Art Festival (screening curated by Kirsi-Marja Metsähuone); Reina Sofia Museum; Madrid, Spain
2012 Projection; Manchester, UK
2012 Kuvan Kevät, Final Degree Show at The Academy of Fine Arts, Helsink, Finlandi
2011 IRKI! Musicam video –concert, Sibelius museum, Turku and Pori Art Museum, Finland
2011 Installation in Participation (Gizmologia- exhibition); Kaiku gallery; Helsinki, Finland
2011 TEN (kuraattori Brigitte Jurack); Holden Gallery, MMU, Manchester, UK
2010 It’s a Setup, Collection Exhibition, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsink, Finlandi
2010 Cars and babes, Media Art exhibition; Gallery Rajatila, Tampere, Finland
2009 Image Bridge (curated by Minseong Kim) LF Gallery; Seoul, Korea
2009 Open Studios; IASK, National Art Studio, Changdong; Seoul, Korea
2009 Megalomania, 3 year anniversary exhibition, Huoltamo Gallery; Tampere, Finland
2008 Mänttä Art Festival (curated by Veli Granö); Mänttä, Finland
2007 Hard Art, TAMK Final Degree Show; TTVO, Tampere;
2005 Backlight 05 Workshop Exhibition; Emil-sali, Tampere, Finland
2005 Tunnesuhdeihminen; Emil-sali, Tampere, Finland
2001 Visions; touring student exhibition; Pori, Tallin, Riga ja Eger
2000 Trees; touring student exhibition; Pori, Tallin, Riga ja Eger

Works in Collections:
Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art (Kiss and Kill)
Helsinki City Art Museum (Scratch of Love and Loss)

Residencies and Workshops:
2013 Residency Unlimited, New York, US
2013 Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts residency, New York, US
2011 Residency of Uusimaa Arts Council, Prague, Czech Republic
2011 Cité Internatinal des Arts, Paris, France
2010 Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts residency, Berlin, Germany
2010 Ox-Bow, Saugatuck, United States
2009 IASK, The National Art Studio; Seoul, South Korea
2008 Residency of Satakunta Arts Council; Berlin, Germany
2006 Residency of Satakunta Arts Council; Arenys de Mar, Spain
2005 Backlight 05 video workshop, teacher Lia Lapithi; Tampere
2001 Fire Sculpture Competition; 1st place; Pori

Grants and Awards:
2015 Paulo Foundation
2013 Kone Foundation, 1/2 year working grant and project grant for 2014
2013 Arts Promotion Centre Finland, 1/2 year working grant for 2014
2013 Arts Promotion Centre Finland, public display grant
2013 Arts Promotion Centre Finland, residency grant
2013 AVEK, project grant
2013 Kone Foundation (Alkovi)
2013 Helsinki City (Alkovi)
2013 Uusimaa Arts Council (Alkovi)
2013 FRAME (Alkovi)
2013 The Arts Council of Finland (Alkovi)
2012 Kone Foundation (Alkovi)
2011 AVEK (Alkovi)
2010 Alfred Kordelin foundation (Alkovi)
2010 Majaoja foundation, project grant
2010 The Arts Council of Finland (Alkovi)
2010 AVEK (Kallion 25.tunti-työryhmä/Media Facades- festivaali/Galleria Alkovi)
2010 The Arts Council of Finland, project grant in media art
2009 AVEK, project grant
2009 FRAME, travel grant
2009 The Arts Council of Finland, public display grant
2009 VISEK, project grant
2008 Majaoja foundation, project grant
2008 City of Tampere; Award for Professional Artists
2008 Pirkanmaa Arts Council, project grant
2007 Tampere Polytechnic; Award for Graduating Students

Memberships and Confidential Posts:
2015- HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Program), member of the board
2011- m-cult, member of the board
2009- Producer and curator in the Alkovi gallery; Helsinki,
2008- MUU ry
2007- Rajataide ry (Senior Chair Person and a Member of the Board in 2008)
2005-07 Gallerist and a Member of the Board; Ikuinen Gallery, Tampere

2013 Linguistic determination of art and the hegemony of english language, art and analysis web project
2013 Mediated: The Act of Filming as an Osmotic Force, video screening, Residency Unlimited, New York, United States
2011 Swapping the Practices; workshop dealing with the professional artistic practices and collegual learning
2010 25th Hour of Kallio, collective videoworkshop, Alkovi gallery @ Media Facades Festival, Helsinki
2010- as a videoartist in the performance acts of the xxx-group in Bruxelles, Pécs and Tampere
2008 Backlight 08 video documentation
2008 Uutishuoltamo (Lehtonen, Hujala, Merimaa); Huoltamo Gallery, Tampere;
2008 PIIP-SHOW videoworkshop (together with Miina Hujala); Tampere
2008 Linnake gallery project; (together with Miina Hujala); Väinö Linnan aukio 9, Tampere;
2007 Producer in Kovataide exhibition; Tampere
2006 Producer in AVO Urban Art Happening; Finlaysonin area, Tampere
2006 Member in Production of Timanttimaa Art Happening; MAA-TILA, Helsinki
2005 Production Assistant in Sari Tervaniemi’s You Kill Me movie production
2005 Member in Production of KUIN-Performance Art Happening; Pyynikin trikoo, Tampere
2004 Exhibition Assistant in Vaiheilla 04 -Group Show; Villilä Estate, Nakkila

Solo shows and together with Axis of Evil (Arttu Merimaa and Juhani Tuomi) in the years 2004 - 2006.